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Madesign is a lifestyle brand which is founded and run by young married couple. Our main focus is on autenthic and unique interior design products. Story behind the brand began from our biggest passion, traveling. The year was 2010, we were living in Spain, from there we did make many trips to Morocco. Soon we noticed how we enjoyed trading on territories settled by Berbers, Arabs and Judes with rules of their own culture. These adventure trips did also make sense of starting new brand. First of our ”lets see what we find here” -trip with a van was about 2000km and it was succesful. In the end of the long and winding road of the Atlas mountains we made majure find – authentic and genuine nomadic Berber rugs.

We bring products from such places where people asks ”is Finland in Europe?” Or says ”I’m glad you guys from the north see the sun even sometimes while you’re here”.
We have buyed products from many places where the makers have touched deeply when they hear someone is really buying their handicrafts and are taking them to Finland for sale (of course after we explain where Finland actually is located).

Every single maker under Madesign brand is a pro in their field and makes their job with a great passion by using natural materials. Our ideology is support the makers(!) by buying the products straight from them and paying a good price for their hard work. For us this shop is a lifestyle. Our goals are to offer financial stability for the craftsmen under our brand and of course bring more and more amazing vintage- and handmade pieces of art with a real story behind to you, our dearest customers.

Every product has a story to tell. We search for new makers and interesting objects and items from different cultures all the time. First of all we want to cooperate with the forgotten everyday heroes, for whom surviving each day takes more than we usually comprehend. We want to do our part in maintaining the precious handicraft traditions, the reuse of different objects and respect for real vintage items. The fact that a product has been acquired with respect to the maker and that another item has been found from an unexpected place and can be used again, for nature… It is not obvious, and that is what we want to do.

Designing new products and having them done by craftsmen is a dream that we work for. We want to progress, to develop and to create new things. We want to live our life respecting every creature and make a dream come true –sometimes gnashing our teeth but still happy– taking lessons from our mistakes.

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If you are interested in reselling our products or other project cooperation please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Love & Respect

Anniina & Antti Maukonen

MADesign Oy