Leather Basket ”Plant B” black


SKU: LB003

Material: Goat Leather

Height S: 26cm L 38cm

Diameter S: 20cm L 30cm

Dimensions N/A


Baskets and green plants in different forms have filled up our home, so we wanted to bring an option to ordinary baskets and pots.

The leather basket is a beautiful and minimalistic pot for trendy green plants and a practical basket for storing things. With the leather basket you get the belongings in a good order, use it in the hall, in the children’s room or in the living room to keep your things easily and elegantly out of sight.

Leather is strong material, so it keeps it shape well. If desired, the edge of the leather basket can be turned to reveal a beautiful jute fabric.

Leather Baskets available in 2 different sizes and four different colors. Combine different colors and sizes with each other and get a fun set!

Our leather artisan Khalid is a young entrepreneur who, in his father’s footsteps, decided to go out of his own family business. For a moment he worked elsewhere, but soon he noticed that this is not the thing he really wants to do. So he decided to continue a family business. He is also eager to learn new things and, when we offered him a whole new product, he got excited. After making a sample, we were convinced of his professional skills.





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