Handira 125 x 210cm 005


SKU: HA005

Size: 125 x 210 cm

Material: Wool, cotton, metal spangles.

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Vintage wedding blanket Handira is handmade by Berber women. Handiras was originally made for the Berber brides who did wear them when they get married. Handira has two sides, one is the bling bling side and other is more casual, so it can be used after the celebration, example as a warming robe in the cold winters of Atlas mountains.

In these days interior decorators has been found these beauties and use them example as bed covers, rugs and tapestries, so they are useful and fits well in different kind of styles, not forgetting beautiful history of Handiras what makes it even more fascinating.

Every piece of MADesigns Handiras are unique and old. Originals are pretty hard to find, because they are quite rare and wanted around the world.

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